Favorites to Watch on Netflix Instant Watch

It either might be the fact that I’ve watched a lot of TV shows/movies in my time or that Netflix does not have a more mainstream selection of things to watch, but it has become increasingly harder for me to find something/know what to look for on Instant Watch(sometimes it takes me an hour). Only a few TV shows transcend the usual expectation of being pure entertainment. Some actually teach you a little about life and encourages you to view things from another perspective.

Battlestar Galactica. Re-imagined version of an older series. One thing that I like about sci-fi is that it uses fantasy science to explore issues and themes that are relevant to our world. This reimagined series was created in the post-9/11 era, during the Bush administration. This show delves into the moral complexities of leaders and the dilemmas that we face when confronted with the threat of our existence. It also asks the philosophical question, how do you define a human being?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show precedes the Twilight saga and its craziness (which still perplexes me.) Buffy was  born into taking on the huge responsibility of trying to save the world as a vampire slayer. She fell in love with a vampire. Rather than worrying if he loves her enough and obsessing over his perfection, she chooses to put humanity above everything else. It’s a show about friendship, being human even if you are otherworldly, family, dedication and love.

Dollhouse. Another Joss Whedon creation. One of the writers is Jane Espenson. Actually, she wrote for Buffy as well as Battlestar Galactica. I think Whedon said this show was about intimacy. People who have been traumatized in their life are given an opportunity to donate their body and mind to a private company called The Dollhouse for several years. In exchange, their mind is wiped of the traumatic events and they are generously compensated. The Dollhouse, provides it clients with some kind of companionship. The dolls can be anything their clients want them to be.  The dolls’ minds are implanted with certain personalities, traits, etc. at the request of the clients. Sometimes it’s to celebrate a birthday, be someone’s date, pretend to be someone’s dead wife, or to help solve a crime. The requests are sometimes so specific that you get a chance to really see someone else’s deepest desires. Sometimes it’s disturbing and sometime’s it’s very simple. Sometimes, it is so utterly relatable to your own life that it’s scary. This show also poses some questions on the extent and true value of free will: choosing to give up your body and mind to get rid of the pain while also knowing that your body and mind is being controlled by a third party.

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